Catherine, Princess of Wales surprises sick baby and her mother in hosptial

Catherine, Princess of Wales surprises sick baby and her mother in hosptial

Catherine, Princess of Wales made a surprise visit to a sick baby and her mother in hospital.

The 41-year-old royal arrived at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital – where Amaya-Rae spent more than 100 days fighting for her life after arriving prematurely – to visit the poorly child and now her mother Mischa, 27, has revealed her “panic” upon hearing that the Princess was on her way as she scrambled to find the little one something suitable to wear.

She said: “When the nurses told me she was in the hospital and wanted to meet Amaya-Rae, I completely panicked. She was in her nappy. I ran around finding something presentable for her to wear. But as soon as Kate walked in through the door, all the nervousness disappeared.”

Mischa went on to add that the baby “couldn’t keep her eyes off” Catherine – who is a patron of the children’s hospital – and explained that she appeared to “genuine care” about the health and wellbeing of them both.

She told The Mirror: “She had such a calming, wonderful aura about her, she instantly made me feel so relaxed. It was like chatting to a friend. Amaya-Rae couldn’t take her eyes off her. She was transfixed and Kate smiled and chatted to her – it really felt that she genuinely cared about us. She asked all about Amaya Rae’s treatment but she also spent about 10 minutes chatting to me and asking how I was coping, as a new mum with such a sick baby. It really meant a lot to me that she cared about how I was doing, too. There are some really dark days in a children’s hospital, and for our family – and lots of others – there isn’t much to look forward to.

“Everybody who met Kate said it gave them such a pick-me-up. She was a ray of sunshine in a really frightening time.”

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