Care plan your doctor would usually recommend for genital warts

Care plan your doctor would usually recommend for genital warts


A sexually transmitted disease caused by the virus human papilloma virus (HPV); resulting in a small lump or swelling on the genitals.


Itching, chronic pain, formation of warts in and around the genital area are the associated symptoms.


It is caused by Human papilloma virus infection.


Diagnosis involves physical examination.

Common treatment options

How is this diagnosed?


  • Treatments can help manage condition, no known cure
  • Diagnosed by medical professional
  • Often requires lab test or imaging
  • Usually preventable by vaccine
  • Transmitted through sexual contact
  • Common for ages 18-60
  • More common in females


Many treatment options are available and are aimed at removal of visible warts and possibly reduce the risk of transmission.


Topical cream: It helps to reduce itching.

Trichloroacetic acid . Podofilox . Imiquimod


Cauterization: The warts are burnt using electricity, heat, cold or freezing or by chemicals.

Laser surgery: In this technique, light rays are used to remove warts.

Cryosurgery: Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the warts. After freezing, the wart falls off.

Electrocautery: A current is passed through the diseased tissue or wart using an electrode which burns off the warts.

Surgical excision: Surgery is done to cut or excise the warts allowing the skin to heal.

Questions to ask your doctor

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