27 adult dogs in S’pore seeking forever homes in Feb. 2023 adoption drive

27 adult dogs in S'pore seeking forever homes in Feb. 2023 adoption drive

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A total of 27 doggos are seeking their forever homes at Voices for Animals’ (VFA) February adoption drive.

The Singapore group rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes retired breeding dogs.

All are full-grown dogs ranging from two to nine years old.

Here are some of the good boys and girls that will be featured in the drive.



Blurnana is an eight-year-old, long-haired mini dachschund.

She has some dental issues, but is sweet-natured, shy, and introverted.


Greenie is a seven to eight-year-old Cavalier King Charles.

He’s a very sweet boy but has some dental issues.

Kit Kit

Kit Kit is a seven to eight-year-old poodle.

He’s a shy and adorable boy, but loves marking.


Cotton is a six to seven-year-old Bichon frise.

She has been debarked so she can’t really bark anymore. But she remains friendly and manja (clingy).


Tino is a six to seven-year-old Biewer terrier.

She has just one eye, and is very sweet and playful.

Gong Gong

Gong Gong is a six to seven-year-old Pomeranian.

While unbearably cute, she does have a personality: “Noisy lol,” the adoption post quips.



Hannah is a six- to seven-year-old Shiba Inu.

She’s a very sweet girl who doesn’t let her bald hind legs get in the way of her running and jumping.

Wei Wei

Wei Wei is a seven-year-old Shiba Inu.

She can be feisty towards other dogs, and hates having her nails trimmed (may bite during trimming).

Forever home

Interested individuals are reminded that a dog comes with responsibilities: providing for their medical conditions (as some of them have), maintaining their daily expenses, and training them.

Think you have what it takes to provide a forever home for these good boys and girls? Check out the adoption drive posts here and here.

Top image via Tan Derrick/FB.

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